Thursday, February 10, 2011

Problems faced...

  1. Finding of videos to be screened on the video night event.

We discussed on 2 main sources form which we would like to find our videos from, the library and the internet. We tried going to the National Library to source for the videos. But to our dismay, we realised that that videos were only for reference and we could not borrow them. We resolved this problem by copying down the title and searching for the videos online instead. Thus in the end, we got most of the videos from the internet. The internet is very broad and there are many different videos regarding the issue of domestic violence. It is really not an easy task to find and filter out the videos to be added to our video list. Our mentor had indeed provided us with much help by giving out many pointers to take note of when we are searching for the videos. We have to make sure that the videos that we find are rich and unique in content so as to attract the attention of the viewers. Not only it must be interesting, we have make sure the content is neutral, making sure that it is not all in black and white, allowing the viewers to have a freedom of choice whether they want to take action and take a stand. We had put in videos that show the perspectives of the victims of domestic violence and the abusers themselves. It is so that the viewers will be able to get more opinions about the problem and it would not be too one sided if we were only to put the experiences of the victims. The videos must show an angle- What is the underlying message that we want to spread? How the content support our message to the viewers? It is so as to make sure that the audience will benefit greatly and gain more knowledge on the issue. The videos must most importantly be reliable, showing the correct statistics so as to avoid misconceptions among the audiences. There are so many things to look out for and so we have to be careful when we are watching those videos. We had indeed taken a long time to filter out the videos that are most appropriate to be put into the video list and it was really very difficult.

  1. Getting the guest speaker.

     We went online to search for the different organisations that deal with domestic violence in Singapore. After getting the contacts, we had to send out emails to each of them to invite a guest speaker. After a week, none of the organisations had given us a reply. As time is beginning to run short, it was very urgent that we get a guest speaker fast and so, we decided to just directly call up these organisations. Although we tried calling them, we could not get a reply as they either do not pick up our calls or they are unwilling to speak at the event. Therefore, our mentor narrowed our choices down to focus on just these 2 organisations- Pertapis and Andrew and Grace home. We tried sending them more emails to those 2 organisations, but they still do not reply us. In the end, we sought some help form the mentor and she gave us the number of the person in charge of the organisations. In the end, we managed to settle on the guest speaker from the Andrew and Grace home.

3. Publicising the event.

Our targeted audience are the public who is 15 years old and above. We thought of putting the posters up on the walls near our work and also, giving out the posters as flyers to the people in the public. However those ideas are not feasible and we could carry out any of those actions as our mentor told us that we need a license to do so. We are thus left with only a few options to publicise the event. To invite the students, we decided to email the different schools to announce to the students about our event. We had also attached our poster along with the emails. To invite the rest of the public, we created a facebook page and invited our friends to attend the event, at the same time, asking them to spread the word around too to the other people around them.

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