Thursday, February 10, 2011

What We've Learnt

It would be impossible to sum up our experience over the course of the month into a few words. The six of us definitely gained multiple insights from the attachment at UNIFEM last month. What we learnt mostly revolved around the task at hand of the project, which was to plan a video-sharing session on domestic violence.

The first day proved to be kind of a “wake-up call” for us as we watched videos of women and children being battered and the severity of the abuse that took place all over the world. It got us to think as to why such occurrences still take place in today’s current society. It was from there that we were told to start planning for the video-sharing session that would be held in February.

The proposals that we had to come up with did not go as smoothly as we had expected because while it was similar to previous school projects we had done, this project was left entirely up to us to decide on how the entire even would take place. This ranged from things such as registration, to the content of the videos and to the catering. Within each factor itself we faced problems because we were unable to achieve what we had in mind and had to make do with the alternative- videos we had hoped to use that we found form the National Library. Another useful thing we learnt was not to be easily affected or disappointed by the rejected invitations and letdowns from many organizations we had hoped to invite as our guest-speakers. It was from here that we learnt not to make assumptions but to plan for another possible outcome.

It was also essential to have a clear understanding of what message we wanted to bring across to the audience because this would shape the way we carried out our tasks. Lastly, another significant learning point that we took away from this experience was the fact that proper delegation of work among our group members definitely helped in cutting short the mound of time we needed to complete our tasks which resulted in accomplishing more by the end of the whole attachment!

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